A digital playground based on blockchain

All The Games & All The People

As a leading company in digital entertainment, blockchain and gaming, we want to contribute to the development of the Web3.0 market and digital property rights.

Digital Entertainment

Various Games and Economics

Our ecosystem will contribute to the game's suppliers and the player economy.

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Commercialization of early ideas

Experience commercialization of early ideas with the support of game development experts.


We plan to run a fundraising pool from game release to marketing to operation. In addition, we create a marketplace where you can easily pay in games.

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Economic power generation

Generate revenue through the BDP platform used by many users.

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Open Protocol

To improve various areas, we would like to provide an open protocol that everyone can participate in.

Let’s Playground Together!

Blockchain-based gaming platform of the future

With BDP, you enjoy countless games, meet new people, and a lot of rewards are waiting for you.

  • Various Games
  • Community
  • Monetization
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BDP Ecosystem

The games and platforms provided by BDP are provided to ecosystem participants through BDP's own safe screening.


Security incidents

256 bits

AES encryption


Security certification


Encrypted data


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As a leader in gaming, it contributes to the development of the Web3.0 market and digital property rights

A beautiful way to present

Games screenshots

Launch games with simple, intuitive and powerful apps and expect evaluation from users.


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